Office Space Set-up Do’s and Don’ts

Office Space Set-up Do’s and Don’ts - Luxafor

From a small startup business to a now bigger company and growing team of creative minds and hard workers, now’s the time to set up a new office or find a larger one to fit your business.

Get it right, you can improve and enhance your employees’ productivity and output which in turn provide high quality services for your clients and generate more profit. Get it wrong, your employees are unmotivated, will get stuck in a slump which may lead to a damaged company reputation.

You see, setting up an office can be overwhelming and exciting all the same as it could be the huge turning point for you and your team members. Everything from the ambiance to the layout, down to office furniture play an important role in a workplace.

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Promote workplace satisfaction, boost morale in your workforce and keep a growing company. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a quick do’s and don’ts guide to setting up a workplace layout.

Don't opt for cheap furniture

Often times, start-up businesses under tight budget resorts to purchasing cheap, low-quality furniture to save some money. Instead of really saving you cash, cutting corners can cost you more in the long run.

The wear and tear furnishings are likely to get replaced regularly due to the substandard quality. Furthermore, the poor quality furniture say a lot about your business and that’s one important thing you fail to notice.

Project your company’s success and make a good impression, especially to the clients and customers, by investing in quality furniture. You do want a comfortable and stylish seat or meeting table for your clients to come on, don’t you?

Do invest in ergonomic furniture

Invest not only in high quality furniture, but in ergonomic ones. Yes, the one office chair you bought is a real head turner but is it comfortable to seat on? Do choose style over substance.

Uncomfortable furniture can be a huge hindrance to your employees’ productivity and overall performance. It can be irritating and worse, can cause serious health risks. Do know that your workers spend most of their days at work sitting in an office chair at their workstations, it’s only necessary to provide them a comfortable, ergonomic office chair that fits their needs.

You need to also invest in your employees. If you keep your employees satisfied, their productivity will increase as well as do better at work which in return, contributes growth to the company and better service to the customers and clients.

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Don't focus too much on decor

Yes, decoration and aesthetic are two essential factors in setting up an office however, remain practical. Although it’s true that your work environment is your second home, it’s still best to splurge on decoration in your own home.

Ask input from your employees regarding what they prefer to have in the office. Do you think you need a 20 feet artwork on the wall or would you rather place a bookshelf against the wall?

Your office design and decor influences other people so you might as well ask other’s input. The overall feature of your office reflects the business, work environment and culture; as well as it motivates and drives people. Less style, more substance and focus on your property and people.

Do consider privacy needs

Privacy should be considered in every work environment. If you’re aiming and promoting better collaboration and teamwork, open plan offices can work for you. If you think privacy is greatly needed in the company, stick to traditional office spaces.

Noise level can be disruptive and can increase stress levels on workers. These distractions have negative impact and can totally cause repercussions in other people’s concentration and performance.

If you want an open space, consider allotting a private area for those employees who want and need to get a good focus and privacy. Other alternative is the use of dividers as a cost-effective way to separate collaboration and camaraderies from privacy areas. You can do the reverse for traditional office spaces.

How’s the set-up in your workplace? Any tips and advice you’d like to share? Don’t hesitate to reach us over social media and share it with us!

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Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

By Chie Suarez on July 5th, 2016
Chie Suarez is a writer for Office Chairs in Sydney, a company specialising in a wide selection of office furniture designs servicing large corporate businesses to small home offices throughout Sydney.

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