12 Clever and Funny “Do Not Disturb” Door Sign Ideas For Office That Actually Work

12 Clever and Funny “Do Not Disturb” Door Sign Ideas For Office That Actually Work - Luxafor
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    Ever wished your coworkers respected your privacy and actually knocked before they came in? It seems like an obvious thing to do, you might think, especially if you’re the one who’s focusing on that mind-boggling excel sheet or that tedious report.

    No matter if you’re working in a private or shared office room, a cubicle, or a designated spot in a co-working space, people walking in and out can easily disturb your workflow and snap you out of your flow state in an instant. How do you politely tell them to bugger off and leave that morning chit-chat to a more convenient hour?

    Here’s our list of the 12 most clever ideas for a do not disturb sign in your office.

    1. This sign is simple and classy enough to get your point across

    do not distrurb clever classy etsy sign

    Source: Etsy

    If you’re struggling to emphasize how critical it is for you to maintain your focus on that extremely important email you’re writing, try Capitalizing Each Word And Putting It In Italics. This poster is simple and straightforward – I’m In The Zone, and, please, respect that for a while.

    2. This sign is perfect for keeping your coworkers on hold

    10 minutes do not disturb funny sign amazon

    Source: Amazon

    Sometimes 10 minutes is exactly what you need to finish that presentation or proofread for any embarrassing grammar mistakes. Keep your peers from bothering you for 10 minutes more with this clever do not disturb sign for your office door or cubicle.

    3. This sign hilariously asks for some privacy


    Source: Imgur

    Some coworkers just don’t get the amount of focus your type of craft requires to get things done. Educate them with a good lesson about how you want things to be done – like this do not disturb sign does.

    4. Literally the lightest (and potentially the strongest) way of saying “do not disturb”

    Source: Luxafor

    While a picture says a thousand words, the red light says just enough to understand: DON’TThis availability indication gadget lets you change colors and patterns to communicate that you’re either busy, open for conversation, or up for a cup of coffee.

    Besides, it isn’t just a status indicator – added features like the Gmail integration, Pomodoro Timer, and integrations with productivity and notification apps, make the Luxafor Flag your personal assistant.

    5. This sign gets straight to the point of having a do not disturb sign

    DND sign with direct and funny message

    Source: Miller + Co 

    Sometimes you just have to draw the line. How many more times can you stress not to walk in when you’re writing or meeting with your client?! This does not disturb sign is as bold and blunt as it gets – straightforward and perfect for showcasing your sarcastic side.

    6. This sign gives rare exceptions for entering

    do not disturb sign with a clever idea

    Source: Imgur 

    Sometimes nothing gets your point across better than a good dose of dark humor and exaggeration. Don’t be absolutely strict though – set some rules for an exception like this do not disturb sign does.

    7. This sign is perfect for overworked introverts

    funny do not disturb sign for introverts

    Source: Imgur 

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. If you’re swamped with work and having a chit-chat will only make things worse, save yourself from needless talking with a clearly stated do not disturb print-out like this one.

    8. This sign answers questions before they’re even asked

    don't disturb sign no questions allowed

    Source: Reddit 

    When you’re super busy and want everyone to stay away, here’s a brilliant idea. Put a FAQ on your do not disturb sign so that you don’t waste a minute on unproductive conversations.

    9. This sign clearly states what counts as an excuse for disturbing you

    Don't disturb rules sign

    Source: Linkedin

    Either you’re working from your home, a coworking space, or your company office – if you want to work uninterrupted, you have to set some rules. Here’s another useful list of the three only exceptions on which your coworkers, friends, or family could trouble you. Fire, blood, or puppies – and nothing else.

    10. This sign features some strong hints of “leave me alone”

    do not disturb sign for administrative workers

    Source: Imgur

    Here’s another brilliant way of saying there’s literally nothing more important than finishing your tasks. Perfect for sarcastic workaholics or whenever you need to be one, this does not disturb sign will ward off even the most chatty coworkers (even if they’re on fire).

    11. This do not disturb door hanger is hilariously direct

    door hanger do not disturb signs

    Source: Etsy 

    When you have a creative task to complete, sometimes you just need to enter your “creative genius zone”. These wooden do not disturb door hangers are perfectly adapted to the daily turmoils of working in the creative industry; or any industry, really.

    12. This sign says do not disturb in its own poetic way

    clever no disturbing door hanger

    Source: Pinterest 

    Sometimes being vague works better than being direct. If you want to repel unwanted intruders, but leave a bit to the imagination about what’s going on behind your office doors, have a do not disturb sign that simply puts it this way – there are things we are doing that don’t include you. What’s not to understand?

    Bonus: Top 3 polite do not disturb signs for office

    When it comes to your coworkers, when you’re working from the office, or family members when working remotely, sometimes it’s best to be polite about declining or postponing their questions and attention.

    We’ve also gathered the best of polite do not disturb signs for the office and home work spaces.

    1. Display your availability with this remote-control busy light by your work station

    This remote-controllable availability indicator is the ultimate solution for letting your coworkers know when you’re busy. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to polite communication and effective work!

    Simply place it next to your workspace or office door and change the color of the light to show to the people around you your status.

    Green = free to talk, red = busy.

    You can also select any other color of your choosing to indicate other, custom messages.

    It attaches to any surface with the magnet and can be controlled through Bluetooth. This means that you can control it from your desk, know what availability status is being displayed thanks to the USB dongle. 

    2. This interchangeable do not disturb sign has two polite messages

    polite do not disturb sign for the office

    Source: Amazon

    This sign is an easy solution for letting people know when you’re busy and when they’re free to come in. It can be attached to your office door or near the entrance and simply flipped around, depending on your availability.

    3. This sign will keep your meetings uninterrupted

    Polite office meeting do not disturb sign

    Source: Amazon

    Nowadays, one of the most common problems in any office is the availability of meeting rooms. How many times has a colleague barged in on an important meeting? If you’re anything like us, probably quite a few. This sign could help you out – it is polite and lets everyone to give you some space while you’re in your meeting.

    Our Final Thoughts

    As you can see, the effectiveness of a does not disturb sign relies pretty much on the wording and some formatting. For the sign to work properly, choose bold fonts and bold colors to emphasize your power words of choice that will help you avoid disruptions from coworkers, friends, or family.

    Besides keeping the intruders at a distance, the do not disturb sign can also cause an occasional chuckle from passers-by if the humor is suited to the general mood in your office.

    However, if you’re working in a place that doesn’t favor light-hearted sarcasm or if you simply want to remain professional, send out those do not disturb vibes effectively via colored LED busylight patterns using our simple and brilliant Luxafor Bluetooth.

    Now, if words are open to different interpretations, there’s no way your coworkers could misunderstand a bright red light politely and silently speaking: leave me alone!


    Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

    Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

    Yes, "Do Not Disturb" signs can be used in open office environments.


    Desk signs, cubicle hangers, and even small flags can serve as effective indicators that an employee is focusing on important tasks and should not be interrupted.


    The Luxafor Flag is especially great for open offices.


    To make a DIY "Do Not Disturb" door sign for your office, you can use materials and stationery that you would typically find laying around in the office like cardstock, markers, and stickers.


    Design your message, add any decorative elements, and use tape or a string to hang it on your door. Personalizing your sign can make it more effective and fun. Importantly, remember to keep it professional.

    Yes, "Do Not Disturb" signs are effective in reducing workplace distractions.


    By clearly signaling when you need uninterrupted time, these signs help decrease unnecessary interruptions, allowing for better focus and productivity.

    The Luxafor Flag offers several advantages over traditional "Do Not Disturb" signs.


    It is more more practical as you can update it based on your availability from your computer. It provides a clear visual indicator that can be seen from a distance, making effective in both office and remote work settings.

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