Foods that help fight depression

The first things that come to mind when thinking about how to boost productivity are the techniques and tools you could use to handle tasks and maintain focus during the day. There probably aren’t many people that think “you are what you eat” when it comes to productivity, but nutritional food really can do miracles to increase your work efficiency.

The Blurt team, whose mission is to help people affected by depression, has revealed a list of food that can decrease depression symptoms and boost mental and physical health.

Certain types of fats boost your mood and energy levels, but only fats that are naturally found in foods like seeds, nuts, natural oils (eg. olive oil), avocados, oily fish (eg. salmon or sardines), and eggs. “Our brains are made of around 40% fat, and we need an adequate supply of it to maintain good health,” writes the Blurt team.

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are rich with fibre and give the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function. The best way to eat them is raw, or close to their natural state, because fresh food gives the brain the micronutrients that are required to perform well. 

The Blurt team suggests diversifying your menu and eating at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day. You don’t necessarily need to eat them alone, make it interesting and prepare some salads or smoothies.

Protein boosts energy and helps you focus. Similar to a good night’s sleep, it helps the body recover and supports its growth and maintenance. Meat isn’t the only food full of protein – so are beans, seeds, broccoli, and other vegetarian options. 

As reported by the Blurt team: “Some studies have shown that tryptophan – one of the building blocks of protein – can improve the mood of people with depression.” Also the iron found in red meat, beans, dried apricots, or dark chocolate can increase your energy and mood.

Drinking water every day also increase your memory, and ability to focus and learn.

The Blurt team recommends limiting foods such as caffeine, alcohol and sugar due to their harmful effects. Caffeine and alcohol are dehydrators. Caffeine negatively affects sleep patterns and makes people nervous and easily annoyed. Too much alcohol reduces Vitamin B, which negatively affects mood.

Too much sugar has similar effects to caffeine and also makes people feel tired. “Again, too much sugar has also been linked to depression as the body uses up essential B Vitamins to process the sugar into energy,” writes the Blurt team.

Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

The original post “DEPRESSION: FOODS THAT BOOST MOOD AND ENERGY” was published on Blurt, March 2, 2016 (written by Blurt team)

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