Luxafor Introduces Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise is one of the biggest issues in open offices

Noise is the most impertinent of all forms of interruption,” in 19th-century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said. “It is not only an interruption; it is also a disruption of thought.”

A study from the University of Sydney in 2013 found that lack of sound privacy is the biggest frustration for employees. Noise is quickly becoming the biggest barrier to a productive and a pleasant day at work. 30% of workers in open plan offices, were dissatisfied with the noise level of their workspaces.

The technology we use at work each day is also contributing to the distracting noise. Acoustic noise testing is required on many types of equipment, but even these efforts won’t completely shut out the hum, whine or buzz of computers, light fixtures, refrigerators or any of the other items you might find in an office setting.

Defined by scientists as “unwanted sound”—noise puts a burden on our hearts and brains, as well as our ears, according to Dr. Wolfgang Babisch, a lead researcher in the field of environmental noise.

Effects of noise on the individual

In the study conducted by Cornell University, different effects of noise were reviewed. Noisy offices may increase a worker’s feelings of negative mood and lower job satisfaction.

Certain levels of noise can incapacitate a person’s ability to concentrate on a particular task, thereby leading to a stress response. It becomes harder to focus and in the long term it can have an effect on health.

Noise may affect task performance, employees were found to have a hard time concentrating on a difficult task when exposed to noise. At the same time, noise can increase the number of errors made in a particular task, such as typing.

Prolonged exposure to noise reduces office workers’ motivation to persist at a difficult task. These effects can have serious consequences in the workplace where employees and organizations are expected to compete in a rapidly changing environment.

Solving noise issues in workplaces isn’t easy. Four walls and a door don’t necessarily make for good acoustics. But there are other ways to cancel out the chaos and make noise-free work environment.

Start with ears

One of the solutions can be an active noise canceling headphones that minimize the surrounding noise to keep you focused on your tasks.

One of the solutions can be an active noise canceling headphones that minimize the surrounding noise to keep you focused on your tasks. Luxafor ANC headphones don’t add noise inside the ear — instead, they cancel it out, neutralizing the noise rather than masking it, without damaging the ear. There is a little microphone embedded in the earpiece to detect ambient noise. 

In response to the environmental sounds they detect, they emit a sound wave that essentially waves in the opposite direction, neutralizing the noise rather than masking it. You can play your favorite music without disturbing background sounds. Or just enjoy the silence.

With Luxafor ANC Headphones you will greatly benefit from

Source: Luxafor


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