35 Genius and Actually Useful Office Supplies, Accessories,
and Gadgets for Increased Productivity
When Working From Home

35 Genius and Actually Useful Office Supplies, Accessories, and Gadgets for Increased Productivity When Working From Home - Luxafor

Luxafor is an expert and a frontrunner in the productivity gadget space for more than 10 years in the market offering a wide variety of tools designed to enhance focus, improve communication, and streamline workflows in both personal and professional settings.

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    We get it – this is probably not the first list you’ve found on office gadgets and nifty supplies, but this is not your ordinary listicle.

    Here at Luxafor, we’re all about productivity, meaning that we believe in products that actually make your work life more organized and efficient, wholesome, and simply better. Self-stirring cups, tacky mini-games, quirky stationery, and useless gizmos belong to the past.

    That’s why we created this ultimate list of 35 best office supplies, accessories, and gadgets that are actually genius and useful! Since productivity is a significant topic, here you’ll find our top picks on tech gadgets, organizational items, office supplies for improving health, and other great finds that, we believe, belong on your desk!

    Best Tech Accessories For Your Home Office Or Workplace

    1. Wireless Charger Pad

    Mobile charger on a table Luxafor

    Sometimes to achieve that clean and tidy desk look, you only need one cord less on your workspace. This compact wireless charger is made of sustainable cork and comes in handy nearly every day. Works with basically any smartphone or device released after 2015. 

    Best thing about it: you can’t lose your charger if you don’t have it with you.

    2. Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard

    Keybord for a phone Luxafor

    This Bluetooth keyboard actually works on your computer, tablet, and mobile, so you can easily take notes, and reply to important emails or text messages on any device. An ‘Easy-Switch’ dial lets you choose the device you’re typing in, and the built-in shortcuts for Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS, and Android make for an overall more productive working experience.

    The best thing about it: no typos in important documents, even if you’re on mobile.

    This LED busylight is more than just a gadget to show whether you’re up for a chat or not. The ultimate productivity gadget – more like it – helps to plan and schedule your tasks with the Timer function, and effectively notify you of anything you think is worth your time. Plus, you can set custom patterns and define colors on different settings, choosing from more than 16 million available colors.

    Best thing about it: integrate with Pomodoro, Zapier, Slack, Skype, or any other service of your choice.

    4. Rain Design Laptop Stand

    Laptop holder for work Luxafor

    While many laptop stands look more like the legs of a Black Mirror Robot Dog, this one is sleek and fashionable and comes in silver, gold, and space gray. Compatible with Macbook Pro, Air, and other laptops with depths less than 10.4 inches, the sturdy stand raises the screen at the height of 5.9 inches (150 mm) to meet the eye level, promoting better posture and putting less strain on the eyes.

    The best thing about it: its aluminum panel acts as a heat sink to keep your laptop cool.

    5. AirBar Touchscreen Adapter

    USB charger Luxafor

    It’s no miracle – this cool gadget turns your regular notebook screen into a touchscreen. Compatible with Windows 10, the device easily plugs in the USB cord and makes the screen responsive to touch with a finger, glove, paintbrush, stylus, or any other tool. Make video conferences, meetings, and client presentations more interactive and productive with this magic gadget.

    Best thing about it: wow your coworkers with tapping, swiping, pinching, and zooming on your Windows screen!

    6. Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

    Changing lapm for mobile phone Luxafor

    If you need a good desk lamp, this one is a great find. If you’re looking for a wireless phone charger as well, then it’s a bingo! While the base of the LED light charges your phone, adjust the flexible arm and customize the lighting modes to get the perfect illumination for reading, filing, or writing.

    The best thing about it: 5 brightness levels and 3 color modes lets you customize the lighting for different tasks.

    7. 4-Port USB Hub

    USB port divider for laptop Luxafor

    If you wonder what the heck could be so exciting about a USB hub, then let us explain. Anker produces one of the top-performing USB hubs, chargers, and wires, and this little baby syncs data at a supersonic speed – up to 5Gbps – the speed that could transfer an HD movie in seconds. The hub really comes in handy for transferring files and plugging in multiple USB devices.

    Best thing about it: got one USB port? Now you have four.

    The human voice is the most distracting sound of all. Whenever you need to focus, just turn off that chitter chatter in the background with these compact and comfortable on-ear headphones with soft cushioning. The Active Noise Cancelling technology eliminates background noises, boosting your productivity and giving you that peace you’ve always wanted.

    The best thing about it: no wires – freely move around the office with your zen state turned on.

    9. SoundLink Bluetooth® speaker

    Wireless speakers red Luxafor

    When it comes to good bass and perfect size, Bose is the best choice. This powerful speaker evenly blasts music in the room, so that you can proudly take on the role of the office DJ. The soft-touch silicone exterior comes in various popping colors, making this speaker a pretty accent on your desk.

    Best thing about it: a built-in microphone for calls comes in handy in meetings.

    One of the most effective techniques for increased focus – the Pomodoro technique – will surely help you to organize your work and rest intervals for a more productive flow. This digital timer is ready to help you benefit from Pomodoro the most, as you can set your own work-break timings and even customize the colors and patterns of the LED display anyhow you’d like.

    Not sure what exactly is Pomodoro technique and whether it fits you? Check out this article: The Ultimate Guide How To Use Pomodoro Technique When Working On Different Tasks

    The best thing about it: a physical reminder works better in motivating you to get things done.

    Best Accessories For Desk Organization

    11. Desk Organizer

    Boxes with tools on a table Luxafor

    Simple and versatile – this desk organizer can be assembled to hold your documents, pens, and sticky notes all in one place. Or you could reassemble the separate parts in any combo you’d like, and keep your desk tidy and clear from stationery and other small things.

    Best thing about it: treated as one or separate, this organizer keeps your desk neat.

    12. Monitor Stand Riser with Drawers

    Organizing table for work Luxafor

    If your workspace is a bit crammed and you need to raise your monitor to eye level, then this monitor stand is a great combination of both. The drawers are spacious enough to hold stationery items and other small things. You also get a nifty cup holder so that you never let your coffee go cold.

    The best thing about it: no need for a separate phone stand and organizer – store all the necessities within reach.

    13. Cable Management Box

    Wire organizing box Luxafor

    One of the ugliest things about office desks is cables. Organize all the cables in this simple box to maintain that clean and minimal look. Store a power strip inside and turn it into a charging station!

    Best thing about it: the white and wooden combo gives off Scandinavian minimalist, minimalism vibes.

    14. Acrylic Computer Monitor Memo

    Postits for PC screen Luxafor

    If you’re an avid fan of sticky notes, then here’s a desk accessory that hits the spot without wasting paper. Simply attach it to any monitor, write down your daily to-do list, and dry-erase it when it’s done. No more heaps of old notes!

    The best thing about it: the satisfaction of wiping off a completed task.

    15. Black Mesh Wire Grid

    Wall organizer with messages Luxafor

    Wire grids are still all the rage on Instagram and Pinterest, and there are some good reasons for it. Not only it makes a stylish desk accessory, but you can also turn it into an inspiring mood board or a minimal wall piece with a calendar and some plants. And you don’t even need a wall to have this stunning accessory! 

    Best thing about it: customize with clips, shelves, and planters to turn it into a practical and beautiful desk accessory.

    16. Portable Label Maker

    Remote with keypad Luxafor

    An office gadget you never knew you needed – a portable label maker. Comes especially handy when you need to file paperwork, as it simply makes finding documents so much easier if you have them labeled. You can format the text in 20 different ways and even use symbols and clipart. Who knew labeling could be fun?

    The best thing about it: labeling your lunch box in your office fridge to protect against lunch thieves.

    17. Wire File Organizer and Letter Tray

    Boxes for organizing papers Luxafor

    This file organizer set is perfect for keeping that state-of-the-art workspace aesthetic. It’s the right kind of sturdy to make it an awesome desk accessory, while still being useful. Store your favorite sticky notes, pens, and pencils in this matchy set, and keep your desk clutter-free!

    Best thing about it: comes in black, gold, and rose gold – a fashion statement for your papers and stationery.

    18. Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar

    Whiteboard calendar Luxafor

    When looking for office supplies that help you organize your work better, this magnetic whiteboard calendar is a winner. The glass surface lets you write, dry erase, and rewrite the plans, goals, and important deadlines of the month, so that you and your team are always on track.

    The best thing about it: save the trees with a sustainable calendar designed for long-term performance.

    19. Foldable Monitor Stand

    Workplace organizer for PC Luxafor

    This monitor stand is also a great option for increasing storage space and keeping your monitor at a comfortable eye level to reduce strain on your back and neck. You can easily adjust its width to fit any type of monitor, and the functional drawers are great for keeping small stuff in one place.

    Best thing about it: adjust the size to fit your needs.

    20. Mesh Desk Organizer

    Workplace organizer for documents and tools Luxafor

    An all-in-one solution for desk organization. This mesh desk organizer may look a bit rigid, but it’s very useful for keeping everything you have on your table in one place. Simple and roomy – no wonder it’s still an Amazon bestseller.

    The best thing about it: save more space with an in-built mesh drawer.

    21. World’s Smallest Vacuum

    Mobile vacuum Luxafor

    What better way to keep your desk clean from dust and crumbs than to vacuum it daily? However, trying to clean your desk with an ordinary-sized vacuum cleaner is a considerable challenge. Try the world’s smallest vacuum – an office gadget that looks like a joke, but surprises everyone with just how practical it is.

    Best thing about it: two different attachments help to clean your keyboard, cracks, and small spaces.

    22. Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

    A stepper Luxafor

    While this accessory doesn’t look anything flashy or exciting, it’s a staple office item if you’re using a standing desk. This standing desk mat is designed to keep your feet subconsciously moving, stretching and even enjoying a nice little feet massage, so to prevent fatigue while standing.

    The best thing about it: finally make use of a standing desk without putting that much pressure on your feet.

    Indoor pollution, CO2 levels, and bad lighting at work are known to cause dizziness, fatigue, and at least a 15% drop in productivity. The small and powerful Luxafor Co2 is a smart gadget that monitors and provides intricate detailing of air quality, temperature, and lighting in real-time. Now that you have all the data, you know when you need to open that window, bring in more plants, or simply move to a different corner.

    Best thing about it: notifies you of the air quality, lighting, CO2, and moisture levels to help you choose the best place in your office.

    24. Plant Grow LED Light Kit

    Shelf for plants Luxafor

    We all know plants are awesome office companions and natural air purifiers. If you’ve been longing for some green buddies, but you’re working in a pretty dim place, then this is a desk accessory for you. The planter makes an elegant cubicle decor and comes with an in-built LED light, allowing the plants to carry on with their photosynthesis while you’re doing your work.

    The best thing about it: light automatically loops in the mode of 16 hours on and 8 hours off to imitate the normal daylight routine of plants.

    25. Posture Tracker

    Upright Go for posture Luxafor

    Back pain is a sure sign you’ve been sitting in a pretty bad posture for the most part of the day. But how do you know when it’s bad? This gadget is designed exactly for that and uses gentle vibrations to alert you whenever you slouch.

    Best thing about it: the phone app allows you to see your posture statistics, goals, and how you’ve improved over time.

    26. Personal Mini Heater

    Square speaker Luxafor

    You can’t do a lot to the room’s temperature in your office without causing a debate on which temperature is the best. Some people work better in a warm and fuzzy environment, while others are perfectly cool with lower temperatures. This ceramic mini heater is a game-changer. Simply get it for your desk, and skip the heated discussions.

    The best thing about it: end your office thermostat wars with your personal heater.

    27. Insulated Stainless Steel Smart Bottle

    Bottle with timer Luxafor

    Ever forget to drink water? Here’s a smart solution for that. While this gadget is not exclusively for the office, the Sguai smart water bottle comes in handy for everyone who’s too busy to stay hydrated. Not only it reminds you with a beep, it also keeps your drinks hot or cold, accurately tells the temperature of drinks, and even analyzes water purity.

    Best thing about it: track your water consumption in an app.

    28. Smart Self-Watering Indoor Garden

    Click and grow for plants Luxafor

    Having plants is a commitment, but if you’re insanely busy, your green friends might give up on you and die. This self-watering indoor garden is a perfect office desk accessory that makes it possible to grow anything without the need for extreme care. The LED lamp provides vital light and the planter base features a built-in water reservoir that saves you a month’s worth of watering.

    The best thing about it: includes three basil starter pods, so you can get growing right away.

    29. Smart Personal Air Purifier

    Sound gadget Luxafor

    If you feel that your office air is really killing your productivity, then go for a smart solution. This personal air purifier keeps your personal space free from allergens, germs, and industrial pollution. It does that by simply creating a bubble of clean air and capturing small particles.

    Best thing about it: filters harmful particles out of the air around you to help you stay healthy.

    30. Woodblock Perpetual Desktop Calendar

    Wooden calendar Luxafor

    Either as a gift for a colleague or a stylish accessory for your own desk, this is a sustainable option for keeping up with the date. Not only it looks good, but there’s also something so satisfying about moving the tiles every day.

    The best thing about it: eco-friendly and sustainable – never purchase another calendar again!

    31. Temperature Control Smart Mug

    Self heating mug Luxafor

    At the first sight, this mug looks already like a design piece. But wait till you hear about what it does! Perfect for office heroes who know exactly what they want and how they want it – the smart mug lets you keep your hot drink at the exact temperature you prefer (between 120 F – 145 F). 

    Best thing about it: pair it with the app to set your temperature, customize presets, receive notifications, and more.

    32. Bamboo Folio Smartpad

    Folder case for notes Luxafor

    A must-have gadget for creatives (but not exclusively) is this smartpad that lets you digitize your doodlings the fastest possible way. Very useful for mapping out ideas – sometimes it’s simply easier for you and your team to plan out ideas in graphs and sketches. 

    The best thing about it: saves your notes and doodles to the cloud, making them accessible from anywhere.

    33. USB Cup Warmer Mat

    Self heating mug Luxafor

    The decades-old saga of forgetting about your beverage is gone. This simple but genius gadget keeps your coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or any other hot beverage warm through a USB cord.

    Best thing about it: USB powered – no batteries needed and easily portable.

    34. Marble Mouse Pad

    unnamed 751 1 1

    Mouse pads are never fully appreciated, but it’s a vital desk accessory for every office worker. Why not make it a piece of art and have it also as a beautiful decor?

    The best thing about it: the stunning marble pattern gives a splash of color to any surface.

    35. YSAGi Multifunctional Office Desk Pad

    unnamed 716 1

    This multifunctional mat is a favorite desk accessory of many. Made of durable PU leather, it makes wiping off coffee spills and any other stains unbelievably easy. You don’t even need a mouse pad anymore, as the mat functions as a comfortable resting surface for your hands while writing, typing, and using the mouse.

    Best thing about it: the dual side mat – different colors on each side lets you change things up whenever you feel like it.

    Our final thoughts

    Only you can define what makes you more productive. For some, it’s good music, beautiful stationery, or a customizable busylight. However, we hope that you could find something useful in this list of office gadgets and accessories and that your next purchase would really help your productivity soar!

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