Top 11 Awesome Corporate Gifts For Colleagues In 2021

Top 11 Awesome Corporate Gifts For Colleagues In 2021 - Luxafor

Who doesn’t love giving and receiving gifts, right? Sometimes it might be difficult to think of practical gifts for your loved ones – friends and family –, let alone your colleagues.

So, if you’re looking for awesome and practical gifts that your amazing co-workers will definitely love and appreciate – look no further because we have gathered a list of the TOP 11 best corporate gifts for 2021!

…because who likes their coffee cold and tasteless, right? This will be an amazing gift not only for those who work at the office but for those who are doing their job remotely as well. 

COSORI coffee warmer can heat its liquid energy up to 158°F / 70℃ almost instantly, keeping it constantly warm at all times. A taste of freshly brewed coffee even 2 hours after you made it and forgot about it – is that what heaven feels like?

Coffee warmer Luxafor

Source: Amazon

Are you tired of hearing your co-worker saying: “Ugh, Tom came into my office while I was concentrating on my report… AGAIN!”? We have the perfect gift!

Become the best teammate ever by giving him Luxafor Bluetooth. It is a smart, wireless LED indicator that shows availability, enhancing deep work and creative collaboration. 

  • This amazing device allows you to use pre-set colors like red for “busy” and green for “available”, or you can just customize colors to set up an individual color-coding system in your workplace;
  • The system has a built-in timer that helps to plan and execute deep work sessions throughout the day;
  • You can also implement the Pomodoro productivity technique, dividing workflow into organized chunks of deep work and rest (e.g., 25 and 5 minutes).

Just download the Luxafor Software on the computer, put the Luxafor Dot on top of a fully charged Power Bank (also included, yay!), insert the Luxafor Dongle in the computer, and place your busy light wherever fits the workflow best, being finally able to enjoy the deep work without anyone interrupting!

No more “disrupting Toms” – Luxafor Bluetooth wireless availability indicator will tell them to back off and stop ruining the awesome workflow.

Everything can be a desk when working from home – kitchen table, bathtub, bed, and even the lap! Though sometimes the computer can get super hot and uncomfortable when it’s sitting on the legs for way too long.

Save your virtual work bestie – get them a lap desk (a proper one)! This super-stylish productivity cushion is equipped with a phone slot that holds most phones at both horizontal and vertical angles, allowing you to make hands-free video calls. 

You won’t have to worry about your teammate’s laptop, because the lap desk’s built-in ledge makes sure that the device stays in place at all times!

Laptop desk Luxafor

Be a productivity hero – save your co-workers and yourself, making sure the air you all breathe is clean! Did you know that when your body doesn’t get enough oxygen, it slowly shuts down, making you lose proper functionality and mostly affecting your brain?

Give your team a truly useful and thoughtful gift – an air quality monitor from Luxafor. This easy-to-use device analyzes the air quality in a particular room and, using alarm-like signals, notifies you when it requires ventilation.

That way you are significantly reducing the risk of CO2 saturation in the building and helping your team avoid the risk of getting aerosol-transmitted infections. 

And that’s not even it – this amazing device also monitors other important air quality indicators like humidity and temperature, so your team doesn’t ever again feel like they’re working in some kind of tropical forest (not the best place for being productive, right?).

As they say, not all heroes wear capes – be the capeless hero in your workplace and get your team the Luxafor CO2 Monitor!

Have you seen your colleague’s laptop sleeve? Let’s be honest – it’s not the most stylish one, don’t you agree? 

This is your chance to get them a new one! Thanks to the decent amount of padding, this gorgeous diamond-print, shockproof laptop case will save your co-worker‘s device from any accidental bumps when they’re running to work. 

Also, on the inside, it has this super useful plush-like material that saves the laptop from any unwanted scratches, so it can always look new and unused!

Laptop in a case Luxafor

Source: Amazon

Did you know that some essential oils have energizing effects and some – calming? If you’ve ever seen your co-worker struggle with bad anxiety before meetings or maybe the other way – need some energy boost – a diffuser might be an awesome gift!

Not only it can humidify the air, spreading a very pleasant aroma in the office, but it also can fight skin dryness by giving it some much-needed moisture. 

This “Airomé diffuser has a built-in LED system, so your teammate can choose one of the eight colors that fit their mood the best.

Air humidifier Luxafor

Source: Amazon

Spice up your teammate’s boring office desk with a little bit of color! Be the wonderful colleague that you are and give them this supercool double-sided desk pad that fits all the needed office supplies – from a laptop to a keyboard, mouse, phone stand, pen holder, and much more!

The desk pad is super easy to clean because of the soft leather it’s made of. This eco-friendly mat comes in various different colors and three size options, so you can choose the one that fits your co-worker the best!

Desk mat Luxafor

Source: Amazon

We all love to have some sneaky snack while we’re working at our office desk, don’t we? Your favorite colleague is definitely not different – you’ve seen him snack multiple times. 

No more cookie crumbs on the computer keyboard and underneath the report papers – give them this cute, little mini desktop vacuum! It’s small, it’s portable and it comes in three different colors – what else would anyone want, right?

This little vacuum makes an awesome gift for your favorite co-worker (and you should definitely get one for yourself, too).

Desktop vacuum Luxafor

Source: Amazon

Have you noticed this weird pain in the back of your neck lately? You’re probably not the only one – look at the colleagues around you!

Especially now that we’re working from home, our kitchen tables or sofa handles don’t make the most ergonomic environments. So here’s an amazing gift idea that is also super practical – a laptop stand!

This sturdy stand can support up to 8.8 lbs, and the rubber on the holder’s hands sticks tightly, ensuring that your laptop will always stay stable on the stand. Also, for those who don’t have a lot of space at home or at the office, its foldable function will be very useful for easy storage.

Laptop stand Luxafor

Source: Amazon

One of the best practical gifts you can give to your lovely coworker is definitely a lumbar support pillow! No more pain, no more crooked back while doing the tasks at the desks – doesn’t that sound amazing?

This lumbar support pillow has high-class memory foam and even cooling gel materials, which are all designed to gently hold the body in the correct position, alleviating pressure. What an amazing gift to give to a colleague that works in an uncomfortable chair!

Lumbar support pillow Luxafor

Source: Amazon

This gift is one for progressively thinking people and those who care about the planet. If you’ve noticed that your co-worker still likes to make notes by writing with a pen, give them this reusable notebook!

It has smart pages that can digitally record every single thing that is handwritten on them. And the best part – once the notes are scanned and saved, the pages can be wiped clean to reuse them again and again. 

It also comes in many different colors and designs, so you can choose the one that suits your co-worker’s style the best!

Reusable notebook Luxafor

Source: Amazon

We are sure you can find some inspiration from the gift ideas we gave you above. But if you’re still not fully convinced and are looking for something else, Luxafor has plenty more options for useful gifts that you can give to your employees or colleagues! 

We have many awesome productivity gadgets – from wireless and remote-controlled availability indicators to headphones with active noise-canceling technology and many more! Check out what we have to offer here!


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