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Regardless of whether you work from the office most of the time, operate in a hybrid system, or pretty much entirely from home, your workspace may want some freshening up. After all, you’re likely to spend at least 40 hours per week there, if not even more, therefore you’d prefer to work in a pleasant and comfy environment.

As a result, it is only reasonable that you require much more than just your PC, desk, chair, and plain walls. Indeed, the proper tools mixed with the correct environment may assist you with being more imaginative, efficient, and productive.

Fortunately, there are several innovative and practical alternatives to choose from when designing your ideal office setting.

There are numerous possibilities, ranging from mug warmers that keep hot drinks from chilling before you can enjoy them to ergonomic desk setups that help you, your back, and your overall health. Look into getting a timer, ideal for using time management strategies such as Pomodoro.

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Cup Warmer

The busier your schedule is, the simpler it is to overlook whether you took some time out of your day to make a cup of hot tea or cappuccino. Therefore there are some things even worse…  remembering to discover your drink after it’s been two hours after you got it. You may forget about having a delicious hot drink that warms up your heart and give you a burst of enthusiasm unless you’re ready to redo it or reheat it in a microwave.

However, owning useful technologies like cup warmers, things do not even have to be this way. A mug warmer is a beautiful addition to your workstation since it prevents your favorite hot beverage from chilling before you can enjoy it to later be even more productive.

You don’t have to worry if you’re not able to spot the proper cup warmer as they come in a variety of forms, styles, and capacities. But, you can always see in case there are any discount coupons available and use them to buy a mug from the website of your choice or browse for unique mugs at comparable sites.

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If you’ve ever had to function in a packed and loud workplace, you know how difficult it can be to stay concentrated on your task. Or perhaps you are aware of how challenging it is to operate when your rowdy upstairs neighbor appears to be shifting all of their stuff on a daily basis?

Purchasing active noise-canceling headphones is a splendid idea for any freelancer or distant worker, regardless of your specific circumstances. In addition, to assist you in concentrating better, these will also aid you in feeling lesser distracted by outside disturbances that stop you from completing all of your jobs on time.

When browsing the headphones available on the market, pay attention to four factors: efficacy of the noise canceling, battery life, comfort, and sound quality. If you’re unable to go to a physical store and test the headphones, look for shops that provide reviews from other users, and feel free to ask questions on Facebook groups or forums for office workers or music and gadgets enthusiasts.


Be mindful of the headphones or earphones usage. You cannot sit in your headphones for 1 h or more straight as it may damage your hearing.

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Portable Scanner

Prevailing scanners, which resemble the kind of device that you can carry in your palm, may be really essential and useful tools to have with you. You may effectively use them to quickly scan papers and upload them to your computer.

As a result, a portable scanner will come in handy especially if you aren’t willing to get a full-size, heavy scanner for your cabinet office. Or if you are not feeling to get up from your chair and go to the printer on each occasion you need to scan a simple piece of paper, a mobile scanner will come to help you.

A scanner may also be used to convert old photos and files that you no longer want to have as a tangible things in reality. Thus, you may free up extra space by uploading everything to the cloud and keeping it secure and conveniently accessible. The best thing is that, while being one of the most expensive items to purchase, it will rapidly become vital.

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You may not have heard about it yet, but believe us, it’s going to be a game-changer for you and your team.

Busy lights are irreplaceable helpers in order to tell your colleagues that right now you are concentrating on your work and they shall wait till you are free. As you will show with your light status what are you up to right now, and there is no need to verbally tell anything. Introverts will understand, I’m joking, it will benefit extroverts and ambiverts also, so… basically, everyone is going to get the best of that opportunity.

Red light status to say – you are busy, green – that you are free, yellow – is idle time you are waiting for a download to finish or render to be completed, or if you work in a production line – it’ll be an indicator that you are awaiting for something. As well as you can use other light combinations with your custom meanings.

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Bluetooth Keyboard

In case you want to work more effectively, you should invest in a decent keyboard. Regardless of how many individuals believe they can get by with the keyboard that came with their computer, there’s no doubt that typing gets simpler and more precise with a specialized keypad. Cordless keyboards are also considerably quieter and more comfortable to use than standard ones.

Not only will you be capable of typing quicker and more correctly, but you will also be able to concentrate on your task without being sidetracked by your computer’s integrated keyboard. If you want to go wirelessly, a Bluetooth keypad is the way to follow. You may now discover a variety of bright, sleek, and futuristic keyboards, so explore your options. You may even customize the color and design of your keyboard and your mouse.

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Sometimes we become wrapped up and too focused on things we do, and it’s possible for hours to go by without us realizing it. As a result, it is critical to understand how to segregate your duties and evaluate how much time you have left for each.

If you’re having trouble paying attention and completing work on time, consider incorporating the Pomodoro technique. Using this strategy, you may divide your work into 25-minute pieces with a 5-10-minute rest in between as well as not forgetting about a longer break for 25 minutes. You may obtain a Luxafor Pomodoro Timer powered via USB to make sure you always remain within the time constraints.

A handy timer may help you plan your workday in advance so you know when you’ll have time for pauses and when you need to wind up your projects. Employing a timer and the Pomodoro technique can help you avoid procrastinating and accomplish more throughout the day.

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In Conclusion

As you’ve seen, there are several devices and other gadgets available to help you build a comfortable and productive workstation. Whether you work from home or in the office, the goods listed above will be extremely valuable, particularly if they solve some of the minor but vexing problems you experience on a regular basis.

If you can’t manage to finish your hot drinks before they cool, try investing in a cup warmer. You may also acquire a portable scanner to convert every paper into a digital format or try employing busy lights or timers to accomplish more during the workday.

Whether you are easily swayed and need to build a setting that encourages concentration and focus, a silent and elegant Bluetooth keyboard and ANC headphones could be pretty useful.

We really hope that the list above will help you in boosting your productivity.

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Do you want to keep a track of your tips completion? And maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the 100 Productivity Tips you need in your life in 2023 and begin right now!

Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the 100 Productivity Tips and start today!

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