Luxafor Study Finds What The Biggest Productivity Issues Are

Here at Luxafor we are very passionate about making the work environment productive and stress-free. We know that the best work is done in a workplace where you feel comfortable. (more…)

Pomodoro Technique – a Time Management Life Hack

There are never enough hours in the day – tasks pile up and distractions seem endless. Well, one way to improve your focus and boost your productivity is the Pomodoro technique. It is considered to be one of the most popular productivity methodsAnd is now available with the Luxafor productivity gadget.


Review: Project management done smart and streamlined

As an integral part of improving Luxafor as a business and product, I often search the world wide web for inspiration from other noteworthy companies. And often I do find businesses and ideas that share my vision of making the workplace more productive and streamlined, and I just have to talk about them. (more…)

Feeling unproductive after a bad night’s sleep? This schedule will help organize your day!

How do you work at the fullest capacity on days when you feel exhausted from a sleepless night? It turns out that sleep scientists have done some studies and created a simple schedule that’s divided by the hours and gives advice on how to spend each hour to help you stay productive despite feeling tired. (more…)

The new method that will help you accomplish all of your daily to-dos

To use your work hours efficiently, you have to consider the best ways to get organized and manage your daily tasks and projects.

Mike Renahan, a HubSpot sales blogger, offers an interesting method for how to deal with your to-dos. It’s called the “impact vs. effort analysis.” This method lets you easily estimate which of your tasks requires the most immediate impact in the shortest period of time. Continue reading for a short guide on how the “impact vs. effort” analysis works. (more…)