9 Effects of Time-Management Practices on Employee Performance

9 Effects of Time-Management Practices on Employee Performance - Luxafor

Time is the most precious thing and you can achieve your goals if you follow and know-how to manage time. Whether you are an owner, manager, or employee, time management is an essential part of your daily business activities and you can achieve your desired set goals on time if you manage all business activities on time. As you have heard that time doesn’t stop for anybody as it’s continuously running and it doesn’t wait for anybody.

Furthermore, effective time management directly impacts your performance, business growth, and management as well. First of all, you must know what is time management and how it impacts your efficiency and effectiveness in your work?

What is time management?

Time management is the process of planning, managing, and prioritizing your time and daily activities. It depends on your skills and efficiency and how you divide your time and daily business activities to meet your desired goals. 

Furthermore, if you set it right and can manage your time, it will increase your productivity, efficiency, and chances of growth as well. Right time management will help you to modify your business planning and strategies so that you can compete in the market. This will also help you to choose the right business tools for the development of your business and remain up to date in the current business environment. 

As an owner or manager, when you have time management skills, you can remain efficient and can achieve your desired goals. You can do more work in less time and can increase your effectiveness in your work. This will keep you calm and satisfied and you can work in a stress-free environment.  

What are the benefits of time management?

If you have time management skills, you can enjoy several benefits which include:

  • Improves your productivity and work efficiency.
  • Keeps you satisfied and happy with your working environment.
  • Improve your business reputation and growth more than your competitors.
  • Owners, managers, and employees can achieve their life and career goals.
  • Time management introduces you to new opportunities and business development planning.

These are the basic and important key benefits of time management that you can enjoy in your business as well.

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Effects Of Time Management Practices on Employees:

Time management is a process of planning, dividing, and controlling your time and specific activities. It is the time that let you know how much time you should spend doing specific activities in your work. Accurate time management will help you to lower your work stress, and inefficiency, and increase the productivity of your work.
The time directly affects an employee’s performance and makes them unproductive and inefficient.

Here are some effects that how time management impacts employees and their performance during work:

1. Stress Relief

You can reduce your stress and depression at work when you have scheduled tasks. This will lower your burden and you can finish your task efficiently on time. As an employee, it is recommended to make a to-do list and segregate your time accordingly. This will help you manage all your tasks and activities on time and will not increase the burden on yourself. Once you have a checklist, you can see an effective change and progress in your work as well.
Furthermore, you can plan and manage your daily, weekly, and monthly work schedule that can keep you satisfied and you can efficiently focus on your work.

2. More Time to Enjoy

Effective time management will provide you with more time so that you can enjoy your daily life. Those employees who manage their time efficiently have enough spare time to spend on their activities and hobbies or other personal work stuff. This will also help you to prioritize your important work first and then the ordinary one. This way, employees can enjoy working in their organizations and increase their chances of promotion. 

3. More Opportunities

Time management is the core and key ability of any employee. Owners and organizations prioritize those employees who can increase the growth and productivity of the companies. So, if employees manage their time effectively can help to maximize the performance of the overall business which leads to the development of business. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy more opportunities in your career if you waste less time on trivial activities. Companies also prefer those employees who have time management skills and can schedule work according to the company’s requirements and demands. 

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4. Ability To Realize Company’s Objectives

It is important to realize the company’s objectives and goals to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in your work. This will help you to prioritize your work and deadlines of daily activities and assigned tasks. As an employee, you must have the ability to realize the company’s short-term and long-term goals which will help you to accomplish your tasks accordingly. This will boost your overall performance and company’s growth and owners will be able to grow their business.

5. Proper Delegation

Proper delegation of work is also vital for better performance and growth of the company. It is necessary to analyze the abilities of each employee and then assign tasks that he/she can accomplish. This will ensure that the right task is assigned to the right person and that he/she can perform it on time with efficiency. 

As an owner or a manager, it is necessary to explain tasks and job duties to their employees so that they can plan accordingly. Moreover, the manager should help their employees in developing a plan to complete the task, monitor the performance, and also provide the resources to accomplish the assigned task on time. Lack of resources can also affect the performance of employees and time management as well. 

6. Streamline Workflow

When organizations have a streamlined workflow, it will impact positively on the company and its growth. Managers and owners should evaluate their policies, procedures, and processes on regular basis to ensure a proper and streamlined workflow. This will help employees to know their job duties and responsibilities and they will work efficiently and effectively. 

Furthermore, managers must discuss with employees daily to teach them more efficient ways to handle their duties and responsibilities. This will reduce the wastage of time and will make employees more productive and smarter.

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7. Assign Tasks on Peak Performance

There are peak times when employees are at their peak in performing in the organizations. This is the best time to assign them tasks that they will accomplish efficiently. It is the human psyche as they are fresh in the morning when they come into the office. This is the right time to assign them tasks and responsibilities. If possible, mentally and physically demanding tasks should be assigned when employees are at their peak performance. 

This peak time varies depending on their efficiency and smartness and how they tackle responsibilities and tasks. You must encourage employees to consider bigger tasks when they are energetic and fresh. This will help them to focus on their assigned tasks and improve their efficiency. 

8. Set Time Limit to Complete a Task

Setting time limits for different tasks and activities will keep you more focused and improves productivity. As an employee, you must know the priority tasks that would be needed at the end of the day. If you put a small effort to decide how much time you require to accomplish a task can help you to recognize your potential problems before they influence your work. 

Providing some extra time on segregation of your work will help you to make further plans to deal with your upcoming problems. This will save your time and will make you time-efficient. If you will not manage your time in completing your tasks, it will create a burden on you and increase your workload and stress.

9. Employees Must Need a Break

When doing a lot of work without any break, it becomes tough to remain motivated and passionate. You lose your focus which will make you inefficient and unproductive. Allow a break in between tasks so that your mind will remain fresh and active and you can focus on your assigned tasks. A short nap, a walk to the cafeteria, having a cup of coffee, or meditation are the sources that can keep you fresh and active. 


Time management is a key to success and everyone can get success and achieve their desired goals. Effective time management is vital for the progress of any business. As an owner or a manager, you should provide your employees with the proper training and tools which they need to boost and optimize their performance. 

Moreover, it will keep you aligned and you can better perform in your daily activities and assigned tasks. The above-mentioned factors have shown how effective time management will help you to streamline all your tasks, assignments, and daily activities and how you can prioritize your daily tasks efficiently. You can introduce the latest tools and resources which can keep your employees organized, improve performance, and help owners in growing business.


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