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Motivation is a tricky thing to figure out. There is no way that there are plenty of people willing to wake up before sunrise. What most of us do is – hit the snooze button way too many times, before actually waking up and realizing we have missed everything including seeing the sunrise. At these times you may feel that you don’t want to deal with your daily stuff, for example, your work tasks or self-improve. It’s not due to not wanting that, but not having any inspiration or motivation to do it.

But at the same time remember – you’ve never regretted doing something that benefits you! Doing work that made you earn more, going to the gym – to do physical activity that gave you good and we are sure, that if you wake up before sunrise, you shall feel more productive throughout the day and you will be closer to your goal.

At first, it may bring discomfort, but if you proceed to do it again and again you’ll get used to it. And you’ll feel more creative, inspired, and better overall.

What actually prevents us from waking up before sunrise or stops us from doing our work, stuff that does good for ourselves? 

We believe the answer can be found in ourselves.

Allow Actions to Dictate Your Feelings

It’s a well-known fact that our feelings dictate our actions instead of allowing our actions dictate our feelings.

Remember that – action is the thing that will lead to motivation, inspiration, and creativity. If you think about it – it’s really difficult for us to control the thoughts, moods, and feelings we have in our heads. It’s a lot easier to control the actual physical activities that we do.

The great thing about this is that action not only leads to motivation, but motivation also leads to more action.

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Set goals

You must ask yourself questions like – did I choose my own goals? Or do other people dictate them to me? If the answer to these questions is – I, myself, have set these goals – then work this way and the next paragraph is going to help you out a lot.

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Start from Small Steps

If you can just find a way to take that first very small step – that’s going to let you feel more inspired, which consequently shall assist you to take the next small action step, which will make you feel even more motivated and you’ll be in control of the endless cycle that continues like a snowball and all you can do is – take control of it and do whatever you can. No matter how small it is – just take the action!

Reward Yourself for Every Small Victory Helping You to Achieve Your Greatness

Suppose you are going in a direction of your dreams with these small victories and it’s what you need and want. In that case, then you deserve the reward – is it either watching the video, memes, chat, getting sweets, or other things that motivates you as a bonus, but if you don’t do what you’ve said that you are willing to do and that will benefit you then you shall not get a reward and it may work as a punishment.

Freedom of Choice

You must be the one in control of your life – you must be the one choosing where you shall go and which path you are going to take! Chase your own goals, not someone else’s. For that, you need planning skills, independence, and the ability and will to take responsibility! This will make you more enthusiastic and stimulated by the dream you are going towards. Be in charge of the life you are living.

Be decisive about Your Future

Can you envision your future? Do you have clear-cut goals? Most people don’t. Most of them don’t know where they are heading – and here comes one more question – how may you be excited about your future if you don’t know where you are planning to be? Jumping into the unknown and hoping that someone will catch you there – is not really a smart idea to do. So, define your plans and goals and work towards them, where in the end, they will lead to your success and motivate you to do what will lead you to your dream and later become your reality.

Don’t repeat the same mistakes,
Learn from Them

If you feel stuck, not inspired, or not creative, try to change your perspective – try a different approach. It will open up new exciting doors and give you different insights into the challenges you’ve had before. If you can’t climb the wall you are hitting once and once again, maybe it’s time to find another way around it, won’t you agree?

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Have Intrinsic Motivation

What is intrinsic motivation? It is the thing that comes from your inner beliefs, strengths, passions, and values. It’s what you cultivate on your own throughout your life. And if you stay disciplined, it may fuel you for years and years to come.

Don’t focus on Extrinsic motivations such as likes, comments, compliments, praise, and admiration – as the challenge with this is that you may get it and stop being motivated if you stop receiving those external motivators.

Ask yourself – what motivates you. And what inspires you to work harder and longer than everybody else around you? If you can’t think about something like this – you may be relying too much on external rewards.

Be competitive

Race against the clock or compete with your co-worker, colleague, or friend – it will drive you, and push you to the limit, but again have a balance – you don’t have to get into the trap of being over-competitive – as you may end up losing what you’ve gained such as friendship, fellowship, or support. If you are not a competitive person – compete against your own personal bests – outdo yourself day after day to have continuous progress and stay productive even if you are feeling lazy. Create a little competition in your life as it’ll be a powerful inspiration on your roadmap to your success.

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Be disciplined, be consistent

Perhaps everything else that you have read here doesn’t apply to you – you love your job, and know exactly where you are heading to. As per your expectations, you should be motivated every single day and wake up full of energy ad ready to tackle your dreams! But, for some reason, it’s not happening. Why so? You need to get down to business and practice as you do it in sports, arts, or acting. You must do that regularly, on a daily basis, not from time to time.

Summarizing everything

So, if you are having something on your mind that you know you want to do or a goal you have, or a project that you want to start – just stick to your plan! Find the smallest, easiest first bit of action that you can take towards that goal and we promise – that will start the cycle that will make you feel more creative and want to take more action. That’s why – get out there and take the first step! You got this!


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Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the Don't Break The Chain calendar and start today!

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