8 Unique Ways to Boost Productivity

8 Unique Ways to Boost Productivity

Do you have a dreadfully long list of tasks you have yet to accomplish? Are you running behind on these tasks and looking to hasten your pace without compromising on quality? If so, you’ve come to the right place. While everyone wants to boost their productivity, not everyone knows how to do it.

The benefits of being productive are extensive. For one thing, being more productive can help you do more things in a shorter period. It also allows you to become more focused and committed to your goals, which can do a whole lot of good in your career and personal life.

Whether you’re a professional, an entrepreneur, or a student who wants to stop cramming papers, these productivity secrets will help you manage your time more effectively. So, without further ado, here are eight unique ways to boost your productivity.

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1. Utilize the Pomodoro technique

If you want to focus solely on one task, you may benefit greatly from the Pomodoro technique. This productivity hack works by dedicating a set time interval—usually 20 to 25 minutes—for one task, and one task only.

To perform this technique, set a timer for the chosen duration and work on your task. For example, read a chapter in your textbook uninterrupted as the timer counts down from 20 or 25 minutes.

Once the timer is up, you can set aside a dedicated period for rest, usually 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat for as long as necessary. This technique, while simple at a glance, can help you break down tasks into more manageable chunks. It’ll also make you more disciplined in doing tasks and prevent you from going off track.

Willing to keep a track of your tips completion? And maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the 100 Productivity Tips you need in your life in 2023 and begin right now!

Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the 100 Productivity Tips and start today!

2. Avoid multitasking

While you may have been led to believe that multitasking boosts productivity, it’s actually the opposite, particularly for tasks that require our active attention. Studies show that multitasking can lead to reduced focus and efficiency.

This reduced productivity is because switching from one mode to another can make us less attentive to either task and subsequently ruin our concentration. This can, in turn, make us more prone to making mistakes.

For instance, if you’re scrolling through social media while you’re working on a school project, you may be more likely to commit errors than someone who uses phone lockers from Techxpress to keep themselves fully committed to their task.

That said, some people can find multitasking with simple activities like doing the laundry and listening to music as mostly harmless. But for more complex tasks, it’s best to tackle one of them at a time.

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3. Optimize your workspace

Take a look at the desk in front of you. Is your workspace a mess? Are there papers and leftover food items scattered everywhere? If so, you should highly consider cleaning them.

Start by decluttering and organizing your workspace to eliminate distractions. Throw out unused papers, plastic containers, and takeaway cups. If you have essential documents, put them aside in a cabinet or document filer.

Furthermore, keep essential tools like pens, paperclips, and other essential materials out of sight but within easy reach. This can help prevent any momentary lapses of searching and keep you in the groove of your specific task.

Also, acknowledge and listen to your own work setting preference. Some people are most productive working at home, while others need the constant buzz of cafe chatter to get them by. Know your preference and find opportunities to be in your favoured setting during your heavy work days.

4. Harness the power of technology

Whether you like it or not, technology has firmly entrenched itself in nearly every aspect of our lives, and there’s no escaping its firm grasp. Instead of casting it aside, you should consider harnessing it for your own benefit. For instance, productivity tools like Asana, Trello, and Notion are great for organizing to-do lists and managing your projects efficiently.

Can’t track dates and deadlines to save your life? Calendar and scheduling apps can be lifesavers, helping you stay on top of deadlines and monitor how you spend your time throughout the day. You can even use technology tools like Zapier to automate repetitive tasks. By harnessing these software tools, you can bring your attention to the more strategic aspects of your job or business.

5. Learn keyboard and spreadsheet shortcuts

Almost 80% of all middle-skill job openings require the use of Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet software. And a great many more use a computer to accomplish their work-related tasks.

It’s no secret that an overwhelmingly large amount of office work runs on spreadsheet software. If you constantly use Excel, it’s in your best interest to learn the common shortcuts to help you perform your tasks more efficiently.

For example, instead of tediously clicking through menus, you can quickly navigate and manipulate data with simple key combinations.

Actions like copying, pasting, formatting, and formula insertion become second nature, boosting your speed and accuracy in handling spreadsheets.

While it will definitely require effort on your part, mastering Excel shortcuts and codes can make you a more skilful—and ultimately more productive—person.

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6. Soothe yourself with calming music

Music, particularly slow and familiar music, is great for boosting productivity. This is because music boosts dopamine levels in the brain, which further enhances our mood and makes work more enjoyable.

This can help all sorts of people, from students to professionals. In one study, Baroque music has helped doctors concentrate more on their work. As such, if you find yourself unable to find the energy or motivation to work, play some soothing tunes. That said, refrain from playing loud and fast music, though!

7. Break down big projects into chunks

If you have a highly complicated project due soon, it’s important to break it down into more manageable chunks as soon as possible. The best way to start is by keeping the deadline in mind. Then, formulate a game plan by working your way backwards and setting micro-goals for you to hit.

Under these micro-goals, detail what needs to be done and other pertinent variables to add, such as the project’s budget and who needs to perform what task. Then, put all these tasks in a checklist format and stick with them throughout the project. Adjust any updates as necessary. By doing this, you can remove that overwhelming sensation and work towards your goal slowly but surely.

8. Fuel productivity with healthy habits

No one is superhuman. We all need to eat, drink, and sleep to perform optimally at work and daily life. And to perform at our best, it’s essential to cultivate healthy habits that keep our bodies and brains happy and healthy.

This starts with the food we eat. Start by eating food rich in Vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. Research suggests these nutrients can help to uplift your mood and keep your mind steady and focused throughout the day.

Exercise is also important. It helps increase blood and oxygen flow to your body’s organs, including your brain. This can make it work more effectively.

Lastly, sleeping a solid 7 to 9 hours a day is ideal. This will help you to recharge and rejuvenate, allowing you to gain clarity and energy for the upcoming days at work.

To sum up

A holistic approach is needed to maximize your productivity. There is a single step that can be taken to achieve your goals. Rather, you must implement a variety of techniques in your lifestyle and your work habits to become more conscientious and efficient.

The Pomodoro technique teaches us the value of focused work and regular breaks, enabling us to tackle tasks efficiently and prevent burnout. Avoiding multitasking allows us to maintain better focus and perform at a higher level. Optimizing our workspace creates an environment conducive to productivity, reducing distractions and enhancing concentration.

Embracing technology empowers us to manage tasks, schedules, and projects effortlessly, including the use of keyboard and spreadsheet shortcuts. Calming music acts as a powerful ally, helping to boost our mood and motivation.

Breaking down big projects into manageable chunks helps us overcome that daunting feeling that a task is too overwhelming, and steadily progress toward our goals. Finally, fueling productivity with healthy habits nourishes both our bodies and minds, ensuring sustained peak performance.

By incorporating these strategies into your daily routine, you’ll develop a productive mindset that propels you forward in all pursuits. Remember, productivity is not about doing more; it’s about doing things smarter and more effectively. Embrace these methods, and you might just see your productivity soar to new heights and your goals become far more attainable.


Willing to keep a track of your tips completion? And maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the 100 Productivity Tips you need in your life in 2023 and begin right now!

Do you want to build and maintain new habits? Get your free PDF version of the 100 Productivity Tips and start today!

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