Review: Project management done smart and streamlined

As an integral part of improving Luxafor as a business and product, I often search the world wide web for inspiration from other noteworthy companies. And often I do find businesses and ideas that share my vision of making the workplace more productive and streamlined, and I just have to talk about them. 

I recently stumbled upon a web-based project management software called Twproject. If your workday involves organizing your team and personal projects, creating plans, managing tasks, tracking time and expenses, and sharing files,  then you should definitely check it out. 

In the most general sense, Twproject provides users a platform to easily collaborate within a team. It’s packed with useful features and polished with a smooth and intuitive user interface. But let’s look a little closer at why exactly Twproject deserves a mention:

It's stacked with user-friendly, intuitive features

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Source: Twproject

Having worked with many different teams on many different projects, I’ve seen my fair share of approaches on how to organize tasks. Often it included using some kind of software to get everything in order.

But the irony was that by the time my team and I understood how to use the software efficiently, we had wasted more time than we had saved.

So, when I fired up the free trial for Twproject, I was cautious in the beginning. And this is the first reason why this software is worthy of praise: I didn’t have to spend half a day figuring out how to plan my newest project.

Everything was organised neatly and within a couple of minutes of just clicking around, I understood the basics of how to operate within Twproject. But this doesn’t mean that there was a small pool of functions. On the contrary – it was packed with features that I needed, like document management, adding assignments, and tracking time

It was just that easy to figure out. Especially noteworthy was the Gantt editor that allows users to clearly visualize a project or even an entire project tree with ease. It also supports workflows for complete coverage of business processes.

Communication = Productivity

Teamwork laptops

Source: Unsplash

Twproject does a great job  of automating team collaboration. It informs all team members instantaneously as the project structure and assignments are made. Afterwards, everyone can communicate about tasks, files, and workloads, and create agendas and specified calendars. It also has a built-in issue tracking feature: drag and drop elements to prioritize them, use search and filters to keep organized, and write notes to add more detail. 

Users can even use their e-mail to perform several functions within the software, giving it an even more streamlined communication process. This, in turn, decreases time wasted on idle chatter around the office, because everyone can share important info online. 

Why we chose Twproject

All of these features resonated with what we at Luxafor also strive to provide:  a productive work environment. So Twproject is a great addition if you need software to track and manage your work, time, and projects, with ease. I know that our company is going get their hands on this valuable piece of project management software.

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